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Biodiversity Screening of an Island Offshore of Sabah, Malaysia

November 19, 2020

All Projects, Environmental & Ecology

TEMBUSU Asia Consulting was commissioned to conduct a biodiversity screening of an island offshore the mainland of Sabah, Malaysia. While the land use history of the island has left much of the terrestrial vegetation in a degraded state, the coasts and waters around the island are teeming with various marine habitats and biodiversity that utilises these habitats. Our works begin with the desktop study and field survey of the existing biodiversity to better understand the island’s overall ecological importance in the regional context. From these data that we gather, we are then able to provide recommendations to our Client to safeguard marine habitats, restore and enhance terrestrial habitats, and contribute to sustainable, low-impact developmental plans on the island.

(Photo credits: all by Shavez Cheema, except for Large Tree Nymph by Chun Xing Wong.)

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