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Development of Environmental Management and Monitoring Plans (EMMPs) across Singapore

May 20, 2024

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TEMBUSU Asia Consulting (TAC) developed several Environmental Management and Monitoring Plans (EMMPs) for projects across Singapore. These projects include the redevelopment of a recreational park, the construction of ticketing booths, and the reinstatement of land. EMMPs aim to ensure that environmentally sensitive receptors (i.e., humans, animals, and plants) around the project site are not negatively impacted by the project activities.  

TAC first identified the surrounding sensitive receptors and conducted an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). TAC then outlined the necessary measures to minimise potential impacts on the environment. These include measures to protect biodiversity and maintain regulatory standards for air quality, water quality, and noise. To ensure that the measures were implemented, regular site visits were conducted and the EMMP was adapted in an iterative process.  

One of the projects was in close proximity to coastal and forested habitats which host biodiversity. One mitigation measure to minimise disturbance to the swiftlet colony located nearby was to potentially avoid major works during the swiftlet breeding season.  

Overall, the effective implementation of EMMPs ensured that the projects were carried out in a sustainable and environmentally-sound manner.  

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