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Elevating Sustainability: Tailored Reporting Solutions for Energy Sector Engineering Services

July 11, 2024

Carbon & Sustainability, All Projects

TEMBUSU Asia was engaged to write a sustainability report for an engineering services company in the energy sector, along with TCFD disclosures for 2023. As a recurring Client that TAC has been working with for several years, this client required us to adapt our reporting approach to align with the latest changes in GRI standards and SGX requirements. 

We conducted an in-depth analysis of sector-specific topics and engaged in comprehensive surveys with key stakeholders to understand key concerns and material topics for the Client. We also kickstarted the Client’s TCFD journey, laying a solid foundation for future reporting. 

Through close collaboration between our Client and TAC, we successfully delivered the Client’s sustainability report integrated with TCFD disclosures, fully compliant with local guidelines. This project exemplifies our commitment to staying abreast of industry changes and continuously enhancing our services to meet our Clients' evolving needs. 


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