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EMMP for construction of Transport Link to Malaysia

April 9, 2021

All Projects, Environmental & Ecology

TEMBUSU Asia Consulting was awarded an Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP) project for the construction of LTA viaduct and tunnels for the transport link that will connect Malaysia and Singapore. The scope covers the development of a detailed construction EMMP framework during the pre-construction stage, outlining the mitigation and management measures for all environmental aspects to ensure that the proposed works do not adversely affect the environment surrounding the project site. In addition, a biodiversity management plan will be prepared along with a reporting system to monitor the implementation of the EMMP. A biodiversity awareness training will also be provided prior to construction activities to train the personnel on the ecological sensitivity of the site.

Given that the project is located within a forested area, TEMBUSU Asia will provide support for monitoring the environmental aspects during the construction stage, especially on biodiversity issues. Environmental monitoring is a critical tool for assessing the effectiveness of EMMP and all recommended mitigation measures. This will help to mitigate the adverse impacts generated from the project’s activities, leading to the environmentally sustainable implementation of the development.

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