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EMMP Services for the Design & Construction of a CRL Interchange Station and Tunnels, Singapore

January 19, 2022

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TEMBUSU Asia Consulting (TAC) has been engaged by a client to provide Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP) services for the development of a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) interchange station and tunnels in Singapore. This interchange station will be part of the upcoming Cross Island Line that will connect eastern and western Singapore and serve as the alternative to the existing East West Line. As the CRL will be fully underground, the EMMP services for this project put more emphasis on physical aspects of the environment such as soil and groundwater quality, ground-borne noise, and vibration. During the pre-construction stage, TAC developed a detailed construction EMMP framework that outlines appropriate mitigation and management measures to ensure that environmentally sensitive receptors (i.e., humans, fauna, and flora) around the project site are not negatively impacted by the project activities. The Construction EMMP framework would serve as the basis of all implemented mitigation measures throughout the construction stage. TAC would then assist the client in assessing the conformance of their activities with EMMP requirements. Our services will ensure that the CRL interchange station and tunnels are developed in an environmentally sustainable manner and contribute to our efforts in fulfilling SDG9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

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