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Environmental Impact Study (EIS) For A Proposed Hotel Development Project In Singapore

December 30, 2019

All Projects, Environmental & Ecology

TAC is appointed to conduct an Environment Impact Study (EIS) for a proposed hotel development project that is located next to a petrol station. Per National Environmental Agency requirements, any new development sited within 50m of a petrol station needs to conduct an EIS to assess for potential environmental impacts arising from activities at the petrol station.

The petrol station operation generates various impacts related to vapor fumes, odor, and noise. Vehicle movement for refueling and the presence of repair & maintenance activities on-site may cause noise impacts. Other activities, including bulk fuel transfer, storage tank venting, and motor vehicle filling, may also deteriorate the air quality and create environmental impacts on hotel development.

The EIS will monitor levels of vapor fumes and noise to assess the potential impacts of petrol station activities on the proposed hotel development. The EIS report will provide recommendations to reduce impacts concerning the air quality and noise to acceptable levels as required by relevant environmental standards.

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