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Environmental Risk Analysis study (Aspect-Impact Assessment) for a Berth construction project in Singapore

December 7, 2021

All Projects, Urban Resilience

TEMBUSU Asia Consulting (TAC) has been engaged by a client to carry out an Environmental Risk Analysis (ERA) study for Berth construction project at one of the Singapore’s ports. The project is conceived as green and sustainable development and required to achieve Green Mark (GM) certification. As part of the GM certification, Environment Risk Analysis (ERA) study is to be conducted to ensure that environmental impacts associated with the project are considered and environmental Aspects and Impacts of products/activities are determined at an early stage. TAC will examine work activities, potential inputs (raw materials, chemicals, and utilities) and outputs (products, wastes produced, recycled materials, water discharges, and air emissions) and assess relevant impacts such as soil contamination, air pollution, noise health effects, and ecology impacts. As an outcome of this ERA study, TAC will develop an Aspect-Impact Assessment Register which will highlight the significant environmental aspects and will recommend mitigation measure to address them. Implementation of this ERA study outcome will ensure that the project can be executed in environmentally and sustainably sound manner.

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