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Environmental Services for the Reconstruction of a Water Treatment Plant in Singapore

August 26, 2021

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TEMBUSU Asia Consulting was engaged to provide environmental services for the reconstruction of an existing water treatment plant in western Singapore. The plant is surrounded by important biodiversity, including birds and mammals of conservation significance inhabiting the forests, and rare aquatic fauna inhabiting the streams.

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will be carried out during the design stage. The EIA work includes the establishment of baseline conditions within the study area via field surveys of environmental aspects including biodiversity, water quality, air quality and noise quality. The collected data would be analysed to assess the environmental impacts associated with the project site based on the proposed development plan. Given the importance of the site for biodiversity, the preparation of an Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP) with recommended mitigation and monitoring measures will help to mitigate the adverse impacts generated during the construction stage and will lead to the project implementation in an environmentally sustainable way. TAC will also support the Client during the construction stage in overseeing the implementation of EMMP and reporting requirements.

TEMBUSU Asia Consulting is committed to supporting the sustainable development of the infrastructure project and will assist the Client in developing the project in an environmentally responsible manner.

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