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Feasibility Studies at Mandai Mangroves and Mudflat

May 23, 2019

All Projects, Environmental & Ecology

TEMBUSU Asia Consulting together with our partners were awarded the consultancy services for feasibility studies at Mandai mangrove and mudflat by the National Parks Board. Being one of the last few remaining mangroves and natural shoreline of Singapore, the future 72.8 ha park shall seek to preserve its ecological condition with minimal disturbance to the site’s ecosystem and biodiversity. Mandai mudflat is an important place for the birds with its rich grounds of molluscs, crustaceans, and worms during the low tide while the birds roost at the adjacent Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

The consultancy services comprise of the ecological study and survey of the existing site, hydrodynamic and ecological modelling, to the planning and design of the 72.8 ha park. An Environmental Impact Assessment will also be carried out to mitigate any possible impacts for the park development. This park will also serve as an important green node at the northern part of the Railway Corridor as well as part of the eco-discovery corridor in the Park Connector Network’s Round Island Route.

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