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Master Class on Project Finance, Financial Modelling, and Public–private Partnership

August 6, 2019

All Projects, Capacity Building

TEMBUSU Asia Consulting (TAC) will be conducting a 2-days workshop on PROJECT FINANCE, FINANCIAL MODELLING, and PPP (Public-Private Partnership) on 13th and 14th August 2019 at the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) Center. Jointly organised by SBF and Institute of Engineers Singapore (IES), this course outlines the basic principles in PPP contracts, Project Finance fundamentals, and Project Finance Modelling techniques for beginners. It provides an overview of Project Finance terminology, terms, and references used by project stakeholders, owners, consultants, contractors, stakeholders, lenders, and investors. The hands-on modelling session offers a basic toolkit for project management personnel to translate engineering inputs into making economic sense. The workshop will also provide the attendees with a deeper understanding of how project finance modelling can be used to manage covenants in project finance contracts and hence the core foundation skills to better negotiate with project lenders and investors.

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