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Site Assessment and Environmental Impact Study in Singapore

March 4, 2020

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TEMBUSU Asia Consulting together with our partner is awarded a consultancy service work comprising of three sites in the north-eastern part of Singapore where transportation facilities are planned. The scope covers the Site Assessment and Environmental Impact Study (EIS) works.

The development of Site 1 includes the construction of a multi-storey development with underground transport operational facilities. The scope includes site investigation & assessment of the environmental impacts due to the proposed works within the former landfill site and design of the associated environmental control infrastructure.

The development at Site 2 and Site 3 includes road works, a viaduct, and other ancillary works within an Identified Biodiversity Site (IBS). EIS is to be carried out to study impacts on the IBS due to the proposed road projects. The works include the collection of baseline survey data covering biodiversity, water quality, and noise quality. The data would then be analyzed to assess the environmental impacts associated with the construction and operational phases of the site based on the proposed development plan. This assessment would be the basis to recommend mitigation measures appropriate to the impacts assessed. An environmental management and monitoring plan would then be prepared to mitigate the adverse impacts during the construction stage.

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