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ISSB S1 & S2 Unpacked
Essential Training for Compliance

1 Commonwealth Ln, Singapore 149544

11, 12 & 17 September 2024

09:00-12:30 (SGT)


TEMBUSU Asia Consulting licenses and applies the IFRS® Sustainability Disclosure Standards and the SASB® Standards in our training materials.

Course Overview

Throughout this course, participants will explore the evolution of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB  ) and the global demand for standardized disclosures and benchmarks. They will also recognize the pivotal role of ISSB Standards in enhancing transparency, accountability, and comparability across global sustainability reporting practices. Participants will learn to interpret and apply ISSB's S1 and S2 standards in sustainability reporting, including a dedicated section on transitioning from GRI to ISSB reporting standards. Practical case studies, coursework, and educational materials will provide hands-on experience, facilitating a thorough understanding of the implementation process. Furthermore, our course features exclusive content from IFRS, enriching the learning experience at TEMBUSU.


Course Objectives

01  Understand ISSB S1 and S2 Standards

Learn the fundamental concepts and principles underlying S1 & S2, including the objective of reporting, the required standards, and their application.

02  Enhance Climate Reporting and Disclosure

Understand the critical role of transparent financial and climate reporting, and develop the skills to produce comprehensive and reliable disclosures.

03  Case Studies and Practical Application

Apply S1 & S2 principles to real-world scenarios through engaging case studies and practical exercises to enhance problem-solving skills.

Who Needs To Attend?

This course is open for all levels of management, sustainability practitioners, consultants, auditors, corporate communications, legal, HSE and operations executives, academicians, NGOs, etc.

Course Certificate

Upon course completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from TEMBUSU Asia, provided they achieve at least 75% course attendance.

Why Register For This Course?

Elevate your sustainability performance with our specialized course on reporting standards aligned with SGX guidelines. Develop internal expertise to reduce dependence on external support and gain the skills to produce credible reports that meet SGX's climate disclosure guidelines, ensuring regulatory compliance. Over 20 jurisdictions have committed to adopting or are in the process of incorporating ISSB Standards into their legal and regulatory frameworks, representing approximately 55% of global GDP and more than 50% of global greenhouse gas emissions. SGX has also proposed mandatory climate-related disclosures referencing ISSB's S1 and S2 from FY2025 onward. Additionally, integrated case studies throughout the course bridge theory with real-life applications, enabling participants to internalize and effectively apply their newfound knowledge.


TEMBUSU Asia is dedicated to advancing sustainability in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our training program is led by experienced sustainability advisors with extensive experience in crafting top-tier reports, conducting impactful training sessions, and auditing leading sustainability reports across ASEAN and the Asia region. Our broad expertise across various industries ensures engaging discussions and practical application of concepts through real-life case studies, providing participants with relevant and actionable insights.

Meet your Trainers

Er Tan Seng Chuan headshot

Er. Tan Seng Chuan, Lead Trainer

Er. Tan holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and Master of Science (Building Science) from the National University of Singapore. He is a Professional Engineer (Civil) and Chartered Engineer (Environment & Water) registered in Singapore, a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional, an NEA accredited GHG Lead Verifier and a Senior Practicing Management Consultant (Sustainability) certified by SBACC. Er. Tan has 40 years of professional experience covering Engineering, Environmental and Program Management in the sectors of Sustainability, Climate Change, Environmental, Water, Energy, Manufacturing, Built Environment & Infrastructure, Chemical and Petrochemical, Oil & Gas and other infrastructure projects in the Asia Pacific region.  Some of the representative projects include Financing Low-Carbon, Climate-Resilient Urban Infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific for ADB, Jurong Island Air Quality Study for NEA, Deep Tunnel Sewerage System and Changi Water Reclamation Plant for PUB, Petronas Sustainability Development Program which includes low carbon, energy efficiency, air emission and water management initiatives and other Industrial Program Development.


Chloe Teo, Co-Trainer

Chloe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics & Finance from the University of Bristol (UK) and has obtained further certifications from CFA in ESG Investing, GRI in Human Rights & Sustainable Development Goals and ISO 14064 (Greenhouse Gas Accounting Lead Verifier / Lead Validator). She has 5 years of experience in project management involving banking and consulting sectors. Exposure to these sectors has enabled Chloe to acquire skills in accounting & finance, regulatory reporting, stakeholder & vendor management, operations and project management. At TEMBUSU Asia, she aims to support client demand and play an important role in prioritizing sustainability, ethical practices and social responsibility.  Chloe has provided consulting services to listed companies in Singapore & Indonesia, focusing on Sustainability Reporting aligned with standards such as OJK, SGX, GRI, SASB and TCFD, as well as delivering projects related to De-carbonisation, GHG Accounting, Scenario Analysis and Capacity Building.

Course Agenda


Transition from GRI and TCFD to ISSB | Industry Tips & Tricks

What Our Past Participants Say

"The illustrations, case studies, and examples were really helpful. They provided a clearer understanding of the topics discussed and helped us relate better to the discussions."

"What I appreciated most was the trainer's generosity in sharing his expertise and personal experiences. It added a rich depth to the learning process, making the workshop both informative and inspiring."

"One of the highlights of the workshop was the lively interaction between the trainer and participants throughout the discussions. It made the learning experience dynamic and engaging...''

"Overall, the workshop was incredibly enriching. It provided valuable insights and practical knowledge that will undoubtedly benefit my professional growth."


Course Fee

Regular fee:  SGD 1400/ pax

Early bird: SGD 1260/ pax (For 10% OFF, use code <EBIS0924>, expires 2 weeks before commencement)

Group discount (≥ 4 pax): SGD 1120/ pax (20% OFF in single checkout, use code <GRIS0924>)

*  9% GST (Singapore) is applied at checkout.

*  Refunds are not allowed, however participants can defer the training to the next available course date.

*  Course fee is exclusive of any bank charges for overseas fund transfer for participants.

Disclaimer: Kindly note that in the event where minimum course enrolment is not achieved, TEMBUSU Asia Consulting reserves the right to make necessary scheduling adjustments. Participants will be promptly notified and provided with alternative options where possible. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

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