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EIA Presentation at IES Seminar “Updates on PUB and NEA Requirements and Regulations”

Oct 17, 2019

Yesterday, the Institute of Engineers Singapore (IES) held a half-day seminar on “Updates on PUB and NEA Requirements and Regulations” to give an overview of the most recent updates to PUB and NEA’s regulatory planning and submission on functional and maintenance needs.

One of the regulated studies that are being increasingly requested by the agencies before a new project is approved is the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). In light of the lack of regulation pertaining to EIA in Singapore and lack of publicly available information on its processes, our Senior Consultants Komal Pujara and Holly Siow were invited to share their knowledge and experience in EIA processes in one of the seminar’s sessions. With this new information in mind, participants are expected to be better informed in EIA and other studies related to it so and hence be more resilient to the risks of exceeding projected costs and timelines in future development projects.


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