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Urban Resilience

As urban areas grow and develop, there is an ever-increasing need to develop and strengthen the sustainability of the resilience in natural resources. Cities are seeking ways to improve the energy efficiency by following low carbon strategy and meeting their National Determined Contribution (NDC) by 2030.  

Our team of consultants assist clients to plan and recalibrate the resilience of natural resources. The scope includes maximizing the value and circularity of resources, enhancing urban greeneries, increasing food production capabilities, reducing waste generation, and improving energy efficiency with green technologies in the urban environment.

Urban Garden

Energy Optimization & Low Carbon Transition 

Energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity the world is facing today. Be it for jobs, security, climate change, food production or increasing incomes, access to clean, sustainable energy for all is essential. Transition to a low-carbon economy refers to a shift from fossil fuels to a sustainable, low carbon economy, a step that is necessary to reduce the risks of catastrophic climate change. We offer several services such as helping companies assess their energy efficiency level and provide guidance to develop energy reduction strategies, as well as renewable energy infrastructure.


Waste Resource Planning & Management

Effective waste management is crucial for the conservation of limited natural resources. By embracing the circular economy, our clients can reduce waste and save on costs, reducing environmental impact, improve efficiency all while contributing to a more sustainable future. Our waste resource planning and management services are designed to help cities, communities and companies implement circular economy practices, zero waste roadmap, waste reduction strategies, waste minimization initiatives and resource recovery and optimisation.

Water Resource Planning & Management

Clean and accessible water is an essential cornerstone of sustainable development and is key to healthy and dynamic communities in both urban and rural areas – in developing and developed countries alike. As our population and economy continue to expand, we need to ensure that the demand for water does not increase at an unsustainable rate. We focus on ways and solutions to manage demand and conserve our precious water resources. We advise on the planning and development of green and blue infrastructure to reinforce urban resilience and sustainable storm water management practices.


Food Security

Food security is a critical issue in Asia, where a significant portion of the population still faces hunger and malnutrition. Access to nutritious and affordable food remains a challenge for many people in the region. Our food facilities and infrastructure planning services focus on designing and developing food facilities that meet food safety standards and are sustainable and efficient. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their facilities meet the needs of their operations while prioritizing food safety, sustainability, and efficiency. We carry out planning studies and modelling works to support the planning and development of farms both on land and sea.

Certification and Regulatory Compliance

Singapore is known for its strict regulatory framework and strong commitment to regulatory compliance. Necessary policies and procedures are often set in place to ensure strict compliance. In our effort to build sustainable cities and communities, together with the wealth of local experience in various disciplines, we provide services in carrying out permitting works and engineering submissions to statutory boards; carry out Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) audits and provide advisory services to support the Mandatory Packaging Reporting submission.

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