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Carbon & Sustainability

Roadmaps & Strategies for Net-Zero Carbon

Sustainable business practices are no longer an option, but rather an imperative which delivers benefits to its stakeholders and the wider society. 

Governments and organizations are committed to UN SDGs and the Paris Agreement that are drawing up plans to limit global warming to 1.5°C target at Net-Zero for the short, medium and long term plan to bolster global efforts in decarbonisation. To decarbonise, TEMBUSU Asia can help in creating strategies and roadmaps that ultimately integrate with the operational strategy of an organization. Our specialist team brings deep experience, matching the analytical capabilities in footprinting,  climate risk and opportunity assessment to the nature and scale of innovation that are driving these developmental plans.

GHG Verification & Validation

TEMBUSU Asia has a team of GHG verifiers that supports companies by providing validation and verification services for carbon abatement in accordance with ISO 14064-3. 


ISO 14064-3 covers two aspects: Validation and Verification. Validation involves an analysis of GHG project data and documentation. TAC will deliver a validation opinion statement to ensure adequate GHG emission reduction against the project objective. Verification is an evidence-based approach that ensures that reported GHG emission data and information is true and fair. 


TAC upholds and maintains our impartiality which may exist between consultancy and third-party validation/verification services by continuously identifying and mitigating risks to independency arising from our activities.


Carbon Neutrality &
Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

At TEMBUSU Asia we are committed to support organisations who wish to contribute to decarbonisation and achieving carbon neutrality and/or Net-Zero Carbon Emission. With our vast and diverse experience in managing dacarbonisation for organisations, our advisory team is ready to take on these challenges with you.



  • Decarbonisation strategy and roadmap towards the Net-Zero Target

  • Carbon Neutrality and Carbon Credit advisory

  • Carbon Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment

  • TCFD Climate Risk disclosures and Scenario Analysis

  • CDP and Supply Chain advisory

  • Environmental and Social Risk Management

  • Sustainability Finance and Government Incentives advisory


At TEMBUSU Asia we believe in sustainable development, where businesses can continue to thrive yet be sensitive to the needs of the environment and people, bringing change for the better. We offer sustainability advisory and assurance services to help our clients increase the transparency and accountability of their stakeholders. Our advisory and assurance team has vast experience in attending to sustainability issues in real-life settings.

Sustainability Reporting

We support Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)-focused benchmark , where organization assess their own performance against peers, conduct materiality assessments, set ESG goals, and prepare sustainability reports to enhance transparency and accountability to the stakeholders.

Sustainability Reporting Assurance

We support clients by offering assurance services to verify reported content ensuring reliability in sustainability reporting. Our assurance team has extensive experience in sustainability reporting and sustainability assessment. With in-depth knowledge of AA1000AS, GRI Standards, UNGC and GHG Protocol, our team practices high standards of professionalism, ethics, and integrity.


Sustainability Strategy and
Roadmap Development

The journey to sustainability can be overwhelming, especially when trying to set realistic targets. It is important to have a thoughtful strategy and strategic sustainability plan in order to adapt to the escalating tide of environmental challenges. We map the short-term and long-term ambitions of the company’s sustainability vision, assess the risks, and address any gaps in delivery to create and protect long-term value. 

Sustainable Finance and
Government Incentives Advisory

The sustainable finance sector is growing at a remarkable rate with private investors, and financial institution, looking at ways to promote the sustainability agenda. The sustainable finance and government incentives advisory offered by TEMBUSU Asia supports sustainability professionals in the financial industry with sustainability financing principles, reporting standards, intra-governmental initiatives and regulations which will allow financial institutions to invest their funds into a business that will leave the world a better place while enjoying even better returns.

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