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TEMBUSU Asia is Now on NEA’s List of Environmental Site Assessment Consultants

Nov 22, 2021

TEMBUSU Asia Consulting is now one of the companies listed by National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore for having Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) capability, also known as Environmental Baseline Study (EBS). The ESA/EBS helps the Client to perform contamination due diligence and understand the potential liabilities while acquiring new land, changing existing land-use, or returning the land to authority. An ESA/EBS is an intrusive soil and groundwater investigation conducted to assess the contaminants in groundwater and soil condition underneath the site of concern. The findings are evaluated and compared against the international standards of soil and groundwater to determine the extent of contaminants at the site. Depending on the results, various measures are advised to the Client to manage the site contamination, thus ensuring the Health and Safety of occupier and surrounding community.


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