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Climate Change
Adaptation & Mitigation 

We recognise the threat of climate change, its effect on our clients’ long-term organisational and business goals, and the need for an early intervention to address them. We bring sustainability specialists, climate change specialists and sector experts to identify climate change risks at an early stage, harness the opportunities for green improvement and develop climate resilient solutions. We advocate affordable & scalable climate solutions that can be easily implemented and promote application of nature-based solutions as the way forward in mitigating and adapting to climate change.


Climate Change Adaptation

Our team of technical experts will help our clients to assess the risk and impact of climate change due to changes in weather patterns, sea level rise and more extreme weather conditions on the project development. Some important factors to consider are the changes in ecosystem health, rainfall, temperature, and even food supply. With this knowledge, we can devise strategies to reduce the impacts of climate change and support infrastructure resilience. Some examples of adapting to climate change include technologies, integrating nature-based solutions, and providing advice on habitat restoration.

Climate Change Mitigation 

Our team provides insight into GHG emission,  biodiversity, environment and human health based on our strong technical expertise in science, engineering, and economics across a broad range of market sectors. Our services include sustainability strategy and management, circular economy, life cycle assessment, GHG validation and verification, decarbonisation advisories supply chains and sustainable procurement.

Explore our solutions on climate change adaptation and mitigation services here.

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